February 4, 2016

What our clients have to say about our services:

Lili was a great help in bringing organization to my home, which is filled and somewhat chaotic with six busy children. She was pleasant to work with and diligent in the extreme.

— Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Sanford, FL


Lili did an outstanding job to help us to organize our home. With lots of children and a very busy household, there never seemed to be enough time to get ahead of the clutter. Lili not only brought order to the chaos, but she also provided a system and structure to keep it all organized. Now I can actually find what I’m looking for in the cabinets and walk into my closet without cringing.

— Jody S., Apopka, FL

We are so grateful for Lili who was referred to us by a dear friend. She has always been very accommodating to our wishes for a sparkling clean & great smelling home. She is very conscientious and takes her work seriously. We are confident in leaving our home in such good & trustworthy hands and look forward to returning to relax or entertain guests comfortably.

— Bill & Susan, Tavares, FL

Organize Clean Solutions’ president is a phenomenal organizer. Her mind is going the minute she sees your space. I highly recommend her.

— Dr P. Olmstead, Apopka, FL

I would highly recommend Lili Ede for helping to organize your home. Lili is a hard worker and brings a lot of creativity and energy to the task. She was able to not only help us straighten and streamline our storage areas, but she also helped devise a process to easily organize our things going forward. By being more efficient in the way we store things we’ve gained valuable space and reduced the frustration of not being able to put our hands on the specific thing we are looking for. Lili’s assistance has been invaluable for us.

— Phil S., Apopka, FL

We called Lili to help organize my bedroom closet, which desperately needed help! She knew exactly what to do, worked very fast, and made a very tedious job a pleasant experience. Lili has an eye for where things should go and how to make everything so pretty and neat! I highly recommend her services!

— Cindy K., Windermere, FL

Mrs. Ede’s work was wonderful! Very fast — her organizing skills are just amazing and her work is astonishingly thorough. I am so happy with what she did with our school room and closet! The way she organizes makes it so easy to keep it neat.

— Allie K., Windermere, FL

Mrs. Ede’s work was superb, and she left the place spotless!

— E.K.

Lili is knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. She truly cares about the customer’s needs and works very hard to provide excellent services. Thank you for making our rooms and closets “happy places!” We will be calling again!

— G.A.K., Windermere, FL

Lilijana Ede is loved and respected by all who know her. She is a consummate professional whose skills and passion for excellence know no limits. 

— Gene D, Clermont, FL

Lili did a wonderful job organizing our refrigerator! She is gifted at combining form and function in her projects. I learned that every system has to work for the family and that beautiful systems motivate us to maintain them. We can’t wait to see her ideas for other areas in our home.

— Dana B., Bay Hill, FL

Mrs. Ede spent time getting know our family routines and preferences. This helped her develop a system that would work well for us. I loved her detailed planning folder complete with measurements and designs!

— Savannah B., Bay Hill, FL

Mrs. Ede taught me how to be more organized. I love the black and white labels.

— Jameson, FL

Lili’s work is incomparable. Her attention to detail and preparedness is rarely seen, even in professional service people. I couldn’t more highly commend a professional organizer, to say nothing of my commendation of her as a person.

— Michael S., Sanford, FL

Lili not just considered each one of our needs, but also made our wishes a priority. She makes it pretty and practical, and made sure the system works for our family. She also properly trained us to maintain everything tidy and organized. Her service is outstanding!

– Lizia S., Kissimmee, FL