Frequently Asked Questions

February 3, 2016

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our professional organizing and cleaning services.

professional organizing and cleaning

➲ How long does it take? 

Each project is different, and each client is unique. For cleaning, the initial visit will take longer than a maintenance/follow-up visit due to the deep cleaning necessary at that first appointment. For organizing, often the clients set the pace. A typical kitchen may take 3-8 hours to organize, but a very large or cluttered space could take longer. A master closet may take 3-6 hours, or more, depending upon its size. After our first session, Lili will have a better idea of how long the project will take. 

➲ How much does it cost and how do I pay?  

Rates are available on the Services pages. The in-home initial consultation is free for cleaning services within 15 miles of Apopka (please allow 15-30 minutes for the consult). The in-home consultation for organizing services requires a $80 deposit (this takes about 30-60 minutes) and will be credited back to you when you book your first organizing session. Organize Clean Solutions, LLC accepts cash, personal check and credit card. With the exception of the consultation deposit, payment for cleaning and organizing is due at the end of the session. When purchasing an organizing package, payment for the entire package is due at the end of the first session. 

➲ Do you shop for me? 

If you need any organizing containers or products, Lili can shop for you at a rate of $25 per hour. Or, she can provide a list of items that would be helpful to purchase, and you can do the shopping before the next session. 

 Why are cleaning rates less than organizing rates?  

Cleaning is about the things in your life. Organizing goes much deeper, intertwining “stuff” with the people who live in your home and their unique circumstances. When Lili organizes with you, she must consider how your family lives and what would make your lives more productive. She also shares organizing skills and education with her clients if they so choose. Please note the “professional” in professional organizing. There is a high level of trust involved in the organizing process! 

➲ What makes your company unique?  

Since Organize Clean Solutions LLC offers both professional organizing and cleaning services, it is a one-stop-shop for all your home maintenance needs. With many years of experience and training (click here to read about Lili’s training and experience), Lili plans to change your environment for good! She understands where chaos comes from and that it takes time to create new, healthy habits. She will offer non-judgmental support through the process. Let her help you get there! 

Please call today at 407-600-9213 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.